Please Read Below for all Group Breaks Terms and Conditions. By Purchasing any Spot in Any Break You Agree to Terms Below.

WATCH: All our breaks will be live streamed on Youtube & Twitch Search for Morrison Trading Post If you miss the live break, all breaks will be saved and posted on Youtube.

Everyone in the break will be randomized X times to determine which TEAM PAIRING order they will be in. Where X will be determined by a single roll of dice. DISCLAIMERS: -You will be awarded and will receive all cards of the team you are assigned.

You are not purchasing an entire case, box or any cards that are listed.* There is no guarantee this break will produce any cards of the team that you have purchased. -There is no promise or guarantee of any high-priced/valued or any specific card(s) that may or may not be pulled from the team you win.*

If any cards with multiple players on them (e.g. Dual Autograph Cards) are pulled, each team will be put into We will roll a single die and random <X> times and the team on top after the random will receive the card.

If a card does not state the team name anywhere on the front or back, the card will be awarded to the team that the player is currently on, went into the Hall of Fame with, or played the majority of their career with.* In this order.

You will receive all base cards, autographs, jerseys, inserts, relics, SP, and rookies pulled from the team you win.*

By purchasing a spot, you agree to all terms and rules stated in the item description.*

If a card is damaged either through shipping, transport or manufacturing defect before and/or after break Morrison Trading Post is not liable* -Relocated Team hits will go to the current Franchise that is in existence.

If a card is pulled from a professional athlete that has NEVER played in the NHL,NBA,NFL,MLB all the teams in the break will be randomed three times each and team on top will receive this hit.

*RETURNS ARE NOT ACCEPTED* -All hits, SP, Autos, Relics and Rookies will be put into sleeves to ensure the protection of the card. All big hits will be put into top loaders. All cards will be shipped in bubble mailers. At Morrison Trading Post, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction; please let us know if there are any questions or concerns with the upcoming break.

Thank you for your time, and good luck

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