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Morrison Trading Post Appraisals

Appraisal services can come in a wide range. Whether you need an antique or collectable valued, or need an appraisal for insurance, estate reasons, or legal we can help. Dallas Morrison is our licensed CPPA (Canadian Personal Property Appraiser) and has years experience dealing with antiques and vintage items, Sports memorabilia / cards and other collectables. He's trained in all forms of legal appraisals. 

Fair Market Value

Simply put a "Fair Market Value" is the value assigned to an item that two individuals will exchange said item for. Both parties are fully aware of all the details and neither are under any pressure to buy or sell. This is the "standard" value of any given item or property. If you have an antique/collectable you recently acquired or possibly have had in the family for a while and you want yo know what it could sell for TODAY. This is the appraisal value you are looking for.  

Insurance / Replacement Value

This is a common value people request for their collectables and memorabilia when looking to hold for long term or keep privately. The reason for this is the insured value or "Replacement Value" on an appraisal can be put on to your insurance policy in case of theft or damage.

Equitable Distribution

"Equitable Distribution Value" is assigned normally to the entire lot of possession's when a marriage or partnership has ended and there is a fair division of assets being made. In this form of appraisal the entire lot of items are valued individually so that a fair split can be found or a price for payout can be agreed upon.

Probate - "Estate Appraisal"

In the event that a family member or someone you are an executor for passes away you may be required to get an appraisal for their assets before selling them. A lawyer may require this to divide said assets and possessions evenly as well.

Forced Sale Value / Orderly Liquidation Value

When a company is going bankrupt or requires a forced sale of their assets to pay off debts it's not uncommon to get a liquidation appraisal. Lenders or banks may request this to gauge how much value these assets will bring in if sold in a quick sale format like a liquidation auction format.

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