Estate Sales / Moving Sales

There are many reasons you may need estate services. Downsizing, moving, or a loved one passing away. No matter your situation, know that the Morrison Trading Post is here to help you during your time of transition. We offer full onsite Estate services with sale hosted through our established webstore. Upon contacting us we will come out for a consultation and begin the estate sale process, helping you sort what is worth keeping, selling, or discarding and you can have faith that you have consignment experts and licensed appraisers doing this service. After that process we will input and list all items on our online store platform and advertise for sale dates. Sales run for an average of 3-4 days and your earning will be sent to you upon end of sale and items all being picked up. To contact us for more information click the button below. 

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Appraisal services can come in a wide range. Whether you need an antique or collectable valued, or need an appraisal for insurance, estate reasons, or legal we can help. Dallas Morrison is our licensed CPPA (Canadian Personal Property Appraiser) and has years experience dealing with antiques, vintage and contemporary furniture and home decor, he's all trained in all forms of legal appraisals. Click the button below to contact us for an appraisal

List of appraisals

• Fair Market Value
• Probate
• Equitable Distribution
• Insurance
• Forced Sale Value / Orderly Liquidation Value
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For those retiring or closing a business, we offer fast and easy solutions for asset liquidation. We have experience with both commercial and retail inventory. Morrison Trading Post has an entire auction house branch for our liquidation services. We have years of experience and credentials to back it, including a licensed appraiser and 2 licensed and bonded auctioneers. You can have faith we will make this process smooth and effective for yourself and your company. For more information please click below to contact us.

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The Morrison Trading Post has an entire auction house branch for all your auction needs. We host a minimum of 1 auction a week with additional sales added as needed. If you wish to consign through Auction contact our auction branch directly (info below).

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Cash Purchase

Sometimes you need cash now and don't have time to wait for your possessions to sell through traditional consignment channels. For certain circumstances we can offer a cash payment for your items. This is not a route we choose often but is a choice available. If this is an option you are considering contact us and we will listen and help you find the best option for you. Click the button below to contact us.

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