Hobby Shop Supplies & Services

The Morrison Trading Post is first and foremost is a hobby shop. We feature a wide collection and variety of hobby and retail packs/boxes for all the major sports, as well the supplies you need to support your hobby. We offer a variety of other in store services and products for the collectors out there, click below to learn more.

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Appraisal services can come in a wide range. Whether you need an antique or collectable valued, or need an appraisal for insurance, estate reasons, or legal we can help. Dallas Morrison is our licensed CPPA (Canadian Personal Property Appraiser) and has years experience dealing with antiques, vintage and contemporary furniture and home decor, he's all trained in all forms of legal appraisals. Click the button below to contact us for an appraisal

List of appraisals

• Fair Market Value
• Probate
• Equitable Distribution
• Insurance
• Forced Sale Value / Orderly Liquidation Value
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Collections / Cash Purchases

Morrison Trading Post is here for every collector and investor supplying the latest and greatest products. Sometimes though you need to off load some of that collection you've acquired over the years. We will PAY CASH for your cards and collectables. For more information please click the button below.

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